About us

Our law firm has been representing Italian, Hungarian and English-speaking clients for nearly twenty years. We welcome complicated and challenging tasks as we consider these to be the merit of a lawyer’s profession. Our service is based on confidence – to earn that, we have to prove our professional and responsible attitude day by day. A lawyer’s self-confidence first and foremost is based on up-to-date professional knowledge. Therefore we maintain and raise the quality of our services by ongoing professional training. Accounting, Real-estate developement, HR, Marketing and other services provided by our Partner, the ITL Group Ltd. make us possible to cover the needs of most of the clients.

Our goal

?Ask .Listen !Resolve



Our main objective is to solve problems in a fast and efficient manner. To achieve this, we investigate each case in cooperation with our client, search for possible solutions and evaluate risks. The way by which we come to a solution is just as important for us as the result itself.

Areas of expertise

How to choose an Attorney?

How to choose an Attorney?


It is not easy to choose the right attorney and just as it is when hiring a doctor, you must feel you are in good hands, able to entrust them with all your legal issues. Confidence and Competence are the two values that form the basis of our profession. A comprehensive knowledge of legislation, effective problem analysis and immediate response. Certain cases surely require to be studied more profoundly, but our team of experts allows us to immediately draft possible solutions in any given case to our clients. Since first impressions are essential in relationship building between client and attorney, we highly recommend meeting your chosen professional face-to-face, establishing confidences that will favor long-term client/attorney cooperation.